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About us


Maine Cave Cattery

We are dedicated to producing healthy, gentle, and beautiful Maine Coon Cats that make wonderful additions to families. We are registered with TICA.


Our cats are part of our family and live with us in the house, following us from room to room. They play daily with the girls and follow them up to bed, lounging around with them until they decide it is time to run downstairs and find a little toy to play with.


Our cats are screened for HCM and genetically tested to be free of MyBPC3 which can cause HCM. New, potential, adopting families are also interviewed and screened before our prized possessions are released to their care. Even so, we can’t part with them until they are at least 12 weeks old.


Our kittens are well socialized for family life, and are well adapted to a life with small children and dogs. They are litter box trained, and trained to use a cat post for scratching. 


We want to thank the Lord for blessing us with our wonderful mentor, Phyllis Stebeins of Behold Maine Coons. We want to thank Phyllis for giving us the opportunity to pursue our dream of raising these gentle giants. We could not of done this without her.

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